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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Are You a Cheater? Here’s How to Forgive Yourself

Have you ever wondered how someone truly forgives themselves after cheating?
It’s an interesting question that requires a look into honesty, self-acceptance and desire.
Here’s what you can do to forgive yourself:

1. Realize your desires were OK.

What was wrong was not disclosing it to your partner.
If you decided to pursue someone else, there is nothing wrong with that. The problem comes when your current partner is unaware it is happening.
You may be led to believe wanting someone else is wrong. However, it is completely normal. You should make sure to tell yourself who you are and what you want is good but that you need to work on honesty and disclosure.

2. Accept your desires.

And know you are heading toward a more compatible partner. Though you hit a road bump, you are still on your way to the partner you really desire. ...continue reading
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Like Her More Than She Likes Me

Have you ever been in a situation where you like a girl more than she likes you?
Let’s break down some of the concepts behind this ghastly situation and what causes it.

You have to take action to get a result.

As an example, let’s say John likes Jennifer. However, John doesn’t really say anything about it and gets nervous at the thought of telling Jennifer.
Every time he sees her or hangs out with her, he remains kind of quiet and just has small talk with her.
Eventually, Jennifer thinks John doesn’t like her and she loses interest in him because she is getting no signs of interest from him.
As in the above example, I have noticed so many guys will like a girl and hold in their feelings or keep a distance from her.
You have to fully put your feelings and yourself across to the girl so she understands what is going on. Otherwise, it’s a mystery to her. ...continue reading
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