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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sexual Tension Control

Hey Guys,

I have been expanding my mind a lot lately regarding women. Something that flashed in my mind recently was an idea I call sexual tension control (STC). I would say it's a mix between Mystery's' "cat string theory" and Sinn's idea of "female personalities" along with my ideas on sexual tension. 

To start off, I will explain the idea of "female personalities". The basic idea is that women have separate personalities that you can bring out in them. These different personalities are, many times, very compartmentalized. For example, you can talk to a woman in a way that accesses only her sexual personality. She will get turned on and ready for sex. However, if you don't talk to her logical or social persoanlity (or part of her brain), then the two personalities may have conflict. That means that you could turn her on sexually but also have her usually her logic side to talk herself out of having sex with you. Women have different parts of their brain conflicting all the time. The two main personalities women have are the sexual and logical. You have to satisfy both of these to get sex.

In this regard, you should directly access a woman's sexual personality. It's like she has a cast of characters in her head. This character is the naughty one. You may wonder how you can access this personality. The best way I can explain it is "you should go SEXUAL". That means innuendos, touching, moving, and anything else regarded as sexual escalation. Once you see a response and compliance, then that means you are usually talking to her sexual side at that point. From there, you need to start sexual tension control.

So what is tension? Tension is when you keep something tight without releasing the slack. It could apply to anything. In regards to women, it is when you keep their emotions at a point that keeps them anxious but without making them uncomfortable. It's like pulling a rubberband to the point where it may break but it doesn't. That is where women start feeling tension in a good way.

My method for achieving tension is pretty simple. "E, C, E, C, E" You escalate then look for compliance and then repeat until you reach the tension point. For example, I will touch and then see if the girl accepts. If she accepts, then I will grab. If she accepts that, then I will ask if she is a good kisser. If she accepts that, then I will go in for the kiss. See the idea? I keep pushing the boundaries until I get a good que that I have reached a good tension point. This is just one aspect of the physical form of tension. It also involves posture, eye contact, proximity, and other cues you give off. Verbal tension is a bit different and involves role-playing along with innuendo and misinterpretation. Innuendo and role-playing are a way to build sexual tension without going fully explicit. Innuendo and role-playing are very powerful because they create a huge amount of sexual tension.

What is control? In this context, control is pretty complex since it makes the woman infer many things about you and you play a role. Control is when you are basically directing, leading, and creating the emotional tension between you and the woman. She will sway in different directions during the tension, however, as long as you stay in control of the tension, it defines your role as the male of the interaction. And as you may know, females are attracted to males. Females are usually not attracted to men that display feminine traits (are easily influenced or can't take control). 

Examples of control would be being unreactive to her attempts to test your frame when you are talking to her in a sexually explicit way. Another form of control is making innuendos while directing them in a sexual way. This means, not explicitly stating to her that you want to fuck her but rather playing with it using normal wording in a way that could easily be misconstrued for something normal. This shows sexual dominance and experience. This amplifies your man-signal that she is absorbing and turning up her attraction dial.

Control can be expressed in different ways. It can be physical, mental, emotional, verbal, social, and so on. You can also call it "holding your frame". Men hold the frame. Women follow the frame. This is when natural attraction occurs.

So what is sexual tension control? Sexual Tension Control is when you verbally, physically, or emotionally entice a woman to her tension zone using touching, sexual wording, innuendo, etc. and are able to keep her there appropriately while enduring tests of your frame. 

Why is this important? This is where the magic happens. When you are able to control sexual tension, the woman submits to you sexually. This is how you get makeouts, same night lays, and really anything else you want with a woman. Woman define their lives by their sexuality. When you are able to stimulate them and take the lead, it really his deep with them and they see you as a true MAN. 

There are many techniques that you can learn in order to be proficient at sexual tension control. This is just the main concept. If you are able to internalize this concept and apply it using techniques you have learned, then you will start getting results that you desire from women. 

Hope you guys enjoyed and talk to you soon,