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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sexualizing Your Interactions

Since I started the community, I have learned so many concepts. The one thing that I am still working on is creating a solid routine. However, I have decided to throw classic routines out the window. For now I'm only going to go for heavily sexualized interactions. This will include sexual framing, eye contact, physical escalation, baiting, bait-to-invest, isolation, overt sexual banter with normal mindstate, normal banter with sexualized mindstate, and teasing. I am going to escalate in as many ways as possible. Let's see where this takes me. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to post them below

Talk to you soon,


Monday, June 25, 2012

Dates: Masculinity as the Base for Sexual Escalation

In the past few months, I've gone on more than 20 dates. I've learned a lot about sexual escalation in the process. Touching, eye-contact, teasing, baiting, push-pull, kissing, rapport, sexual tension, texting, etc. I'm going to condense this down to simple concepts:

1. Make her feel comfortable
2. Be masculine
3. Rapport
4. Show her you are a sexual being
5. Follow through physically

There are more intricacies to this representation that I am presenting but this is a general idea of what I do on dates. At this moment, I'm going to focus on what it is to be masculine. I did a short study on masculinity / femininity and learned something very important. This is a good quote that can explain the main idea:

"The female energy is the energy of Home. It is the energy of the Primal Source, the flowing Light, pure Being. It is the energy that has not yet manifested, the inner aspect of things. The female energy is all encompassing and oceanic; it does not differentiate or individualize.

Now, imagine the energy of the female becoming aware of a certain movement inside of her, a slight restlessness, a desire for… reaching out, outside of her boundaries, moving outside of herself to attain experience. There is a longing for something new, for adventure! And then an energy comes to her that answers that longing. It is the male energy that wants to be of service and help her manifest in matter, in form. The male energy defines and shapes the female energy and by their cooperation the total sum of energies can take a completely new direction. A new reality can be created in which everything can be explored and experienced, in ever changing forms of manifestation."

- Pamela Kribbe

 This quote basically means that you, as the man, are the shaper and director of the feminine energy. Too many times on a date, the male provides the feminine energy of anticipation, anxiousness, and indecision. This leaves the woman to provide the masculine energy. I don't believe a woman is going to feel turned on or sexy if she has to provide the masculine energy in the interaction.

On dates, you have to be the man. That means choose the venue and bounce her to different venues when you decide.However, I have noticed that you don't have to pay for the dates or even spend money at all. That is apart from the masculine energy in my opinion.

Be MASCULINE throughout the entire date and any interactions you have with the woman.

Along with masculinity, you have to get sexual at the same time. I will leave that for another post.

Thanks for reading and we will talk again soon.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Want to know how to study PU material?

Studying pua and seduction material can be a challenge at first. When I first started doing this stuff, I was overloaded with all the information out there. There are tons of ebooks, articles, blogs, etc. etc. First of all, you need to come up with your goals, intentions, and purpose of why you are doing this in the first place. Once you have that down, then you need to come up with a basic structure of opening to closing.

The way I study is very focused. It consists of working on only one specific aspect of my particular game that I want to learn that day (and night). I spend a few hours during the day reading material on the topic (for example, eye contact). The material can come from any source and does not necessarily have to be pua material. It could be videos, articles, etc. I then do some drills like standing in front of the mirror and refining what I am working on. Afterwards, I go to my computer and write a few paragraphs on what I just studied. I will then go out that night and only focus on that topic. For example, I will spend an entire night infield working on eye contact. I may do some other stuff but I will keep my goal at the forefront.

With some topics or techniques I may spend multiple nights working on them, but it usually takes one solid night (4-5 hrs) to get a good feel for it.

After I really learn the technique or topic, I will eventually teach it to others infield and write on the blog about it.

Having a solid study and infield regimen is important to learning game. Be careful not to get absorbed into long ebooks or jump around to different topics too much. Focus is key.

Talk to you Guys soon,


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reading vs. In-field?

Let your in-field direct your reading. Go out and interact with women, get feedback from yourself and others, then read material that will advance you in the areas you need work on. Many guys, it seems to me, will spend hours at home reading and not do much in-field. Where is this reading guiding them to? Just imaginary situations. Read only what will augment your real-life in-field game. Because, anyway, in-field is where you are going to get actual results with women.