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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Zen of Being a Man

Your are an empty room and She is the dancer and the music that fills the room.

You are an empty room. You are the observer; the space that allows the energy to fill.

You allow space. Space like an open field for possibilities to exist and to form.

Like an empty room, you are sturdy and unbreaking. The music reverberates off of you and amplifies.

She is the music. Full of energy and light. Beaming in all directions and reflecting off the walls.

She is the dancer, the movement, and the rhythm.

You are the stillness and she is the vibration, wild, moving and free-flowing.

- The Zen of Being a Man is the understanding of the beautiful complimentary nature of the masculine and feminine. The roles that are played and letting these roles play out to their full potential.