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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Do Looks Really Matter?

The majority of guys wonder this. Does how you look affect whether a girl will like you?

It's not a simple answer. Just to preface this, the way women think is usually more complex on this topic. For men it is usually an on-or-off switch.

Think of it this way:

Both men and women have a tipping point (think of it as a balance with negatives and positives on opposing sides).

When a man looks at a woman, her physical attractiveness will usually tip the scale over the majority of the time without any other factors, such as how interesting she is, her income level, her social abilities, etc.

For women, a man's looks don't really tip the scale so much. Women take into account many more factors than men do. They look at all the things they are wanting from the relationship: protection, social skills, financial, looks, attitude, approval of other women. 

The main answer is that looks don't weigh as much on the scale as they do for men when it comes to choosing a partner. 

Looks are vague anyway. One woman may feel uncomfortable having a man that is very attractive, while another woman might really enjoy having a man that is classically attractive. 

Overall, you should care about your appearance as a man. You should dress with style, groom yourself properly, and just take pride in who you are. It is always a plus to women.

Looks matter to a lesser degree for men than women. 

The problem is that men are more primitive when it comes to attraction. We only mainly see physical appearance. While women are more advanced in their attraction mechanism.

In order to really understand women, you have to see from their viewpoint. If you think women judge men mainly on physical hottness, then you are seeing it through the eyes of a male. Look through the eyes of a woman, and it makes a lot more sense.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Interaction With Women is More Serious Than You Think

Whenever you engage with a woman in any kind of way, you are sending a message out.

Women have many needs. Man provides the solution to all the needs. When you present yourself to a woman, she is measuring you against all her needs.

It can be compared to someone being interviewed for a job. The job requires many different aspects that need to be filled. They can be multi-tasking, project management, certain certifications, certain skills, proven track record, recognition from your peers, recommendations.

Women see it in a similar way. They see how people interact with you (your social), they probe to see what skills you have, they envision how it would be like to have you in their day-to-day lives, they look to other women to see what type of track record you have. They also will select you more easily if they see others trying to get you (just like it is easier to get a job when you already have one or other companies want you).

Even then, if you are hired, you need to perform everything that is required for the job and do it at a high level. Just because a company hired you, doesn't mean it's time to rest. They felt you were a good fit and now they want you to perform. Same thing goes with women. And women will fire you as well if you are not performing. They will also hire someone else to complete the requirements of the job.

If you are a top performer, you will get a raise. Same with women, they will reward you if you are a great significant other.

The main point here is that flirting and interacting with women in (man-to-woman) communication is very serious. It is not a game or a thing you can just do and then forget about. You can hurt them seriously if you even give a small signal that indicates attraction and then you don't follow through with it.

The touch of a hand, a smile, eye contact. They are all very serious communication in the eyes of women. Never give off confusing signals. That is the natural's commitment to women. Or at the very least, be up front with her about your intentions before moving forward with anything.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Language Between Women and Men is not Pickup

There is another language that exists. It's the hidden language of woman to man.

Pickup and techniques are not the language. They are another language that cannot effectively communicate to woman.

The language of woman with man is subtle. It is a feeling, subtle eye movements and innuendos. It's an awareness of your environment and intricate movements and situations that present themselves and are unraveled by the women in your direct point of vision.

It is unspoken. It is who you are as a man and what she wants as a woman.

Pickup is unnatural and it is unaware of the natural movement of the universe. It is an interpretation of the true that is far from the pure concept. It forces the situation and the environment to get the situation to it's liking. It causes regret and generates resistance.

Dedicate your pursuit of women to the art of the natural. It is the only real way.