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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Language Between Women and Men is not Pickup

There is another language that exists. It's the hidden language of woman to man.

Pickup and techniques are not the language. They are another language that cannot effectively communicate to woman.

The language of woman with man is subtle. It is a feeling, subtle eye movements and innuendos. It's an awareness of your environment and intricate movements and situations that present themselves and are unraveled by the women in your direct point of vision.

It is unspoken. It is who you are as a man and what she wants as a woman.

Pickup is unnatural and it is unaware of the natural movement of the universe. It is an interpretation of the true that is far from the pure concept. It forces the situation and the environment to get the situation to it's liking. It causes regret and generates resistance.

Dedicate your pursuit of women to the art of the natural. It is the only real way.

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