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Monday, May 28, 2012

How to get good fast

Lately, I have come to the idea that, to get good at game, there is no skeleton key. You may read all kinds of information and advertisements on the internet that tell you how fast you can get good. However, everyone has their own very different journey. My journey has taken many hard nights out in-field, during the daytime, and online. I have done many hours or reading and have worked with different people in the community. There is also a big aspect of chance factored in. If I wouldn't have met many of the people I have, it would take much longer to even be aware of many things I need to work on. So, to sum it up, you need to put your heart and soul into this. Go completely crazy with it and you will get results somehow. It takes BALLS. Go for it!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Initial Rough Draft of Zen Projection

Hey guys,

Here is a very rough initial draft of what Zen Projection is. It is more of a starting point than anything else. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

This is a mental preparation and list of things you should tell yourself and internalize before you go out to do approaches. It gives you the proper mindset to succeed and not get blown out. However, this is an incomplete work and I will add the rest soon.

Zen Projection
‎"It is not your action that creates what you want, but your intent. Your actions only serve to bring your intent into manifestation. You can’t manifest what you did not create and actions create nothing. Action without intent will be counterproductive and will only serve to destroy. When you create what you want with thought, you will only need one tenth of the effort to achieve your desire."

Zen Projection is the art of projecting your intent into a woman’s deepest primal mind.

I believe I can get any woman I want and that they will love me.

I am responsible for my own emotional state.

I am a masculine energy and my masculine energy will invoke feminine energy in women. Feminine energy is associated with sexiness. Women will feel sexy when I express my natural masculinity and it will create a positive feedback loop, making us escalate towards the bedroom.

Power > Force
Power requires no justification, it still like a field, requires nothing from the outside and has no needs, energizes, supplies, and supports, compassionate and makes us feel good about ourselves, is characterized by humility, is unassuming, needs no defense and is self-evident, and it makes you go strong.

Appreciation comes from a state of abundance. Seduction is concerned with self-esteem: Recognizing deservedness, worthiness, and integrity. Appreciating pleasure, sensation, and creativity. There is no concern with "how to get" such things because they are recognized as already there, automatic, and in the moment(because the belief is that one already possesses power).
- credit: Jason Savage

Your purpose is to provide seduction. Not to take it.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Use masculinity to illicit femininity

This topic is an idea that came on in my mind like a light switch after reading tons of articles and other information on intent, congruence, and purpose. So that idea is that men use their masculinity to bring out femininity in women. Femininity is synonymous with sexuality in women. Women always say they want to feel sexy and "feminine". So I believe that these two feelings go hand-in-hand for women. So when you exert your masculinity on a woman, it lets her exude her femininity and makes her feel sexy. This creates a loop that makes her more open to your masculinity. Subsequently, you begin to escalate on her. Eventually, you both end up in the bedroom. 

So what does this mean? Find out the traits of a masculine man and display them. This is what will make women want to have sex with you.

Developing your own routines

I have been learning concepts, and techniques for the past few months and now I am interested in developing my own routines so that I have a good flow and direction in what I am doing when I go out. So far, what I have is this:

1.       Meditation on Zen Projection mindset
2.       Strong eye contact
3.       Approach from side while touching inner arm
4.       Opener
5.       Tease directed towards femininity
6.       Bait. You know who you remind me of…no I can’t tell you…
7.       Isolate (can still be within group)
8.       Tease ( her ability to attract a guy)
9.       Rapport cycle
10.   Cold read
11.   Escalate (throughout process)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Zen Projection

I’m developing my idea of the zen approach. The term “approach” is bullshit though because it is a word that has been used as barrier and has negative connotation. I am going to call this the zen projection. After some study and training for a few months, I realized something important. First of all, women naturally check men for congruence. When you are not congruent, you are actually very vulnerable to being shut down by women. However, when you are very congruent, your chances in continuing your interaction with a woman is much higher. I believe this is a natural mechanism that they are unaware of.

Congruence? So what the fuck is that? In order to even start having congruence, you need to have a purpose and intent. Then you need to clearly and unapologetically project and convey that intent on the woman. Purpose is the base of everything. It is the main reason you are interacting with a woman in the first place. For example, you may feel lonely and want someone in your life to feel complete. You intent is built on top of your purpose. Your intent could be that you want to have sex with many women. So before you even begin to zen project on a woman, you want to have your purpose and intent very clear in your mind and make sure that you are ready to project this onto the woman through direct eye contact. 

Before you do anymore approaches, you MUST have this in mind

Purpose --> Intent --> Congruence --> Plan --> Interaction

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What is "Intent" and why it is essential

Intent is your clear honest drive that is within your heart. It is the reason you do what you do. For example, when you approach a girl, you have an "intent". That intent could be that you just want to meet her, fuck her, have her as your girlfriend, or anything else.

This is where men have problems. Many are unable to properly display their intent through their actions and body language. Most men actually mask their intent by trying to be "friendly" or pleasing to the woman instead of doing what they intended to do before they approached.

How do you get in touch with your inner intent and bring it forward into your interactions? This is somewhat abstract. You just have to keep in mind what YOU WANT. In my case, I want to seduce women rather than find an LTR. So this involves isolation, escalation, and sex. I am clear with my motives and am congruent with what I want. Therefore, when I approach a woman, I will convey all of these things to her without apology. I will look directly in her eyes and channel all of my energy of my intent towards her. I will not try to please her or be her friend at all. I have my motives set solid and will shoot them forward like a concentrated laser beam.
Also, importantly, I have no desire to keep the woman there and no fear of loss. I am coming from the abundance mentality. I am the seducer and I have the desire for that, whether it happens or not is not my concern.

I'll continue this concept a little bit later. Thanks for reading.

Blue Haze

Choose your path of seduction

I was reading a post by Jason Savage. He talks about polarizing your game. What this means is that you must choose to either go out looking for "the one" or you must only go out looking for "fun". He mentions that most puas are straddling the fence and trying to do both. However, this creates confusion and lack of congruence.

After reading his post, I decided that I am going on the second path. That is the path of meeting lot of women and seducing them with no intention of long-term commitment. What is great about polarizing my game is that I will be congruent with my intent and will be able to focus my efforts directly into what I want to do rather than having them scattered. I suggest that every pua take this approach. It is much more honest to all parties involved and seems to be a more effective and efficient path to success.

Blue Haze

She doesn't need to lead

So. I met a girl and got her phone number. I texted and called her. Interesting thing is that in the past month, I only remember one text from her that was initiated by her. Other than that, I have called, texted, and set up all of our dates. She never initiates contact. However, she responds to all of my initiatives and always cooperates with me. I have been on 3 dates with her and we are going on our fourth.

What have I learned from this? I have learned that I can be the leader and not be afraid. I have always been afraid of leading women for fear of rejection. However, leading does so many good things for your interaction with women. It essentially screens them for interest in you, gives you YOUR way, and a lot more. More than that, it SEDUCES women. Women want to be swept away and to submit to your masculine power. Don't be afraid to lead and show your INTENT. Be direct and go for what you want. Never doubt yourself.

Blue Haze


So I've been studying seduction with my mentor El Topo. I have come across a very catalytic change that started a few months ago and have been on a direct path of self-discovery since then. I will call it the discovery of being a MAN. This process is happening through interaction with women. For some reason, my interaction with women is what is uncovering my inner power of seduction. I have also started reading material from Jason Savage. The main idea I have focused on today is that of "polarization of game". Either you are looking for a LTR or present gratification in the form of sex. You can't straddle the fence with this, otherwise you will be incongruent and dissipate your power. That's all for now. If you have any comments or anything else, just contact me.

Blue Haze