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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Same Night Lays

I've been doing SNL game recently and have been getting further and further along in interactions with women in this respect.

I remember, awhile back, I noticed girls coming to bars just to get laid. They usually come in pairs with both of them wanting to get laid or just one of them.

Another surprise was that I noticed that they USUALLY go home alone. (aka they fail at finding a guy that has the balls to take them home)

That is where SNL game comes in. YOU become the guy that steps up to the plate and gives her what she came to the bar for.

Surprise #3. Women drink to turn off their logical brain and make themselves more open to sex. Yes, women get buzzed or drunk to help THEMSELVES get laid.

So when I notice all these ques...I approach and escalate physically right off the bat.

Then what?

There really is not much verbal game at that point. You can talk the most nonsense you want. I never remember what I say. It's all dictated by nonverbal behavior and finding out logistics.

A BIG point to make about escalating is that I use compliance tests without caring if I get blown out.

The structure is:

escalate, compliance test, escalate, compliance test, escalate, compliance test, etc...

Once I get the makeout...then I start asking logistical questions..."who did you come with", "what are you doing later", "have work in the morning?"...

I also tell her my friends gave me a ride but they left so I need a ride from her (credit Topo)

At that point, I will go outside with the girl and go to her car whether or not she is being receptive or not.

(Persistence is key at this point. The girl may or may not give you green light ques. You responsible for moving it forward)

Another tip: make sure you win over her friend. Her friend will facilitate you going home with her.

Lastly, get to the sex location for a happy ending.


More Observations:

I had a girl ask me to go home with her last night.

What I have observed a few times is that dancing has led to a girl wanting me to go home with her. These different times it has involved the girl grinding her ass on me. I'm thinking their buying temperature spikes up fast especially if they feel your dick grinding on them. I always try to come in non-threatening when I join a girl on the dance floor. It's easy to raise their defense if you are too aggressive. 

That's point #1. The second point is that I make sure to get their number and ask some comfort questions while I'm escalating along with logistical questions. 

I always do a makeout. However, I have been told many times the contrary. 

I'll try to bounce her around the bar or club a little bit to get more comfort after dancing. 

That's mainly what I saw from last night and a few other nights.


Okay, tonight was no exception. I had 2 girls wanting to hang out tonight. I met them both tonight. One wanted to go to a diner and the other wanted me to go home.

No surprise.

What did I learn from tonight?

Well, a nightclub doesn't work by the rules of the normal social world and neither do women. 

The keywords are FUN and MINDSET.

I went into the club with the mindset that I am the man. I also went into the club with the mindset of being easily distracted by whatever caught my eye. This is a childlike mindset and is important to have. I made sure to pepper in some masculine dominance and strong intent. 

So how do you implement this?

Find whichever girl catches your eye and excites you, walk over to her with a strong masculine frame, and say anything that comes to your mind. The main point is that women are mirrors. Whatever you feel, they feel. So if you are having a blast and easily distracted, that is a great frame for them to mirror and enjoy. There are no barriers. Everyone woman is yours and you will take her with strong intent and FUN.

Yeah techniques and routines are great but do you think women give a fuck about that?? Nooo. They just want you to have FUN.

I can't remember how many makeouts and grouping sessions happened tonight but it doesn't matter. I don't care about building up statistics of how many or how many numbers I got. Everything falls into place when you are having a blast and ENGAGING the women that you find attractive. 

SNL game isn't shit. It's just an extension of you being POSITIVE DOMINANT, ESCALATING, and having FUN. SNLs will just fall into place. You do have to have experience with physical escalation, basic body language, and some calibration along with knowing how to ask the proper logistical questions to get the SNL solidified but that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Sidenote: its okay to approach girls in front of girls you just approached. It makes the girls want you more when they see you with someone else. (makes you look like THE MAN)

Tonight was a blast I look forward to more!