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Friday, December 25, 2015

Attraction: The 3 Levels of Awakening

1. Doing
2. Being
3. Allowing

As an up-front summary: this is a form of release. Allowing all the good to come to you. The way of the Natural.

At first, I thought attraction was about all action. I had to "do" actions to generate results (attraction). I would read blogs, books, and asks others what kind of moves they did that worked best. Over time I felt how meticulous and suffocating this type of approach was. If I did A and she did B, then I should get C. But if C didn't happen, then I would feel a sense of pressure or lack of achievement. It was a downward cycle (self-created illusion) of disappointment and failure.

Moving on... I decided to drop the whole action equals attraction thing and go for the embodying attraction. The ethereal angle of just BEING an attractive guy. I spent time buying more stylish clothing, working on myself, my job, etc. I truly thought these things were increasing my chances. I also released my attachment to any outcomes. This worked indirectly. I became more aware of what was happening around me. I felt better about myself. I thought this was attracting women to me. But I learned I was moving past another perceived paradox.

Level 3: Allowing

At this point, I realized something. You can't do attraction, you can't be attraction, you can only allow it to flow through your body.

Think about this: the universe has been creating, making love, and evolving for billions of years. This happened before us and will happen after we are gone. Attraction is an infinite well of energy available throughout the universe. It is happening on it's own. Before you were born, the universe already created man and women and their DNA dictates that they will reproduce with each other. We are already born into that mold. The reason someone doesn't get sex is because they cloud their mind with thoughts (which lead to actions) and have resistance in their body. Whether that was passed down to you from your parents, came from painful experiences, or was simply created by you. Attraction was not created by you from a silly move you read on the internet. Women already feel it on their own without you.

You just have to be there and allow that attraction to blossom. Be attentive, aware, and in the moment. Subtle actions of allowing blocked energy to flow to where it needs to be. That's why some guys look like they are doing nothing but they always end up with women beating their doors down to get to them.


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