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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Initial Rough Draft of Zen Projection

Hey guys,

Here is a very rough initial draft of what Zen Projection is. It is more of a starting point than anything else. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

This is a mental preparation and list of things you should tell yourself and internalize before you go out to do approaches. It gives you the proper mindset to succeed and not get blown out. However, this is an incomplete work and I will add the rest soon.

Zen Projection
‎"It is not your action that creates what you want, but your intent. Your actions only serve to bring your intent into manifestation. You can’t manifest what you did not create and actions create nothing. Action without intent will be counterproductive and will only serve to destroy. When you create what you want with thought, you will only need one tenth of the effort to achieve your desire."

Zen Projection is the art of projecting your intent into a woman’s deepest primal mind.

I believe I can get any woman I want and that they will love me.

I am responsible for my own emotional state.

I am a masculine energy and my masculine energy will invoke feminine energy in women. Feminine energy is associated with sexiness. Women will feel sexy when I express my natural masculinity and it will create a positive feedback loop, making us escalate towards the bedroom.

Power > Force
Power requires no justification, it still like a field, requires nothing from the outside and has no needs, energizes, supplies, and supports, compassionate and makes us feel good about ourselves, is characterized by humility, is unassuming, needs no defense and is self-evident, and it makes you go strong.

Appreciation comes from a state of abundance. Seduction is concerned with self-esteem: Recognizing deservedness, worthiness, and integrity. Appreciating pleasure, sensation, and creativity. There is no concern with "how to get" such things because they are recognized as already there, automatic, and in the moment(because the belief is that one already possesses power).
- credit: Jason Savage

Your purpose is to provide seduction. Not to take it.

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