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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Choose your path of seduction

I was reading a post by Jason Savage. He talks about polarizing your game. What this means is that you must choose to either go out looking for "the one" or you must only go out looking for "fun". He mentions that most puas are straddling the fence and trying to do both. However, this creates confusion and lack of congruence.

After reading his post, I decided that I am going on the second path. That is the path of meeting lot of women and seducing them with no intention of long-term commitment. What is great about polarizing my game is that I will be congruent with my intent and will be able to focus my efforts directly into what I want to do rather than having them scattered. I suggest that every pua take this approach. It is much more honest to all parties involved and seems to be a more effective and efficient path to success.

Blue Haze

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