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Monday, May 7, 2012

Use masculinity to illicit femininity

This topic is an idea that came on in my mind like a light switch after reading tons of articles and other information on intent, congruence, and purpose. So that idea is that men use their masculinity to bring out femininity in women. Femininity is synonymous with sexuality in women. Women always say they want to feel sexy and "feminine". So I believe that these two feelings go hand-in-hand for women. So when you exert your masculinity on a woman, it lets her exude her femininity and makes her feel sexy. This creates a loop that makes her more open to your masculinity. Subsequently, you begin to escalate on her. Eventually, you both end up in the bedroom. 

So what does this mean? Find out the traits of a masculine man and display them. This is what will make women want to have sex with you.

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