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Friday, May 4, 2012

Zen Projection

I’m developing my idea of the zen approach. The term “approach” is bullshit though because it is a word that has been used as barrier and has negative connotation. I am going to call this the zen projection. After some study and training for a few months, I realized something important. First of all, women naturally check men for congruence. When you are not congruent, you are actually very vulnerable to being shut down by women. However, when you are very congruent, your chances in continuing your interaction with a woman is much higher. I believe this is a natural mechanism that they are unaware of.

Congruence? So what the fuck is that? In order to even start having congruence, you need to have a purpose and intent. Then you need to clearly and unapologetically project and convey that intent on the woman. Purpose is the base of everything. It is the main reason you are interacting with a woman in the first place. For example, you may feel lonely and want someone in your life to feel complete. You intent is built on top of your purpose. Your intent could be that you want to have sex with many women. So before you even begin to zen project on a woman, you want to have your purpose and intent very clear in your mind and make sure that you are ready to project this onto the woman through direct eye contact. 

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