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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

She doesn't need to lead

So. I met a girl and got her phone number. I texted and called her. Interesting thing is that in the past month, I only remember one text from her that was initiated by her. Other than that, I have called, texted, and set up all of our dates. She never initiates contact. However, she responds to all of my initiatives and always cooperates with me. I have been on 3 dates with her and we are going on our fourth.

What have I learned from this? I have learned that I can be the leader and not be afraid. I have always been afraid of leading women for fear of rejection. However, leading does so many good things for your interaction with women. It essentially screens them for interest in you, gives you YOUR way, and a lot more. More than that, it SEDUCES women. Women want to be swept away and to submit to your masculine power. Don't be afraid to lead and show your INTENT. Be direct and go for what you want. Never doubt yourself.

Blue Haze

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