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Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Top 5 PUA's

1. El Topo
2. Jason Savage
3. Terrence C
4. Tyler W
5. Nick Rogue

Notable Mention: Captain Jack

1. El Topo is number one on my list since he was my mentor when I started in the community. His comfort and seduction game are unstoppable and pretty much lethal. Rapid escalation and identity are the two main things I learned from him. He also promotes self-exploration and being yourself. I truly believe that he gave me the best starting point to build on.

2. Jason Savage is definitely a philosopher of seduction and knows exactly how to word concepts so that they penetrate your mind. He only has a blog and 2 videos that I have been able to find on the internet but they had such an impact on me that my game was shaped by his material. Basically, I have learned more about the core philosophy of seduction by reading his material.

3. Terrence C is a personal friend of mine and he truly knows how to discuss seduction in a way that changes your mindset. He breaks down ideas clearly and allows you to understand them and prevent you from going through the headache of having to learn them on your own through trial and error. His style is very normal.

4. Tyler W bases his game on visualization and hypnosis. I've found his method very powerful and effective for preparation before going out. While other guys practice infield, Tyler W visualizes at home and ends up getting much better results than guys that practice infield. The reason is that visualization allows you to get a positive outcome in your mind every time. His method has helped me tremendously in removing the mental roadblocks that I have had.

5. Nick Rogue is all about rapid escalation and I haven't seen anyone else that specializes in that as much as he does. I respect his game because he gets straight to the point and finds all the short cuts to get their. Very cool material that allows you to get a women in bed as fast as possible.

Notable Mention: Captain Jack is a notable mention on my list and would probably be near the top if he actually had any material on the internet. However, I have found almost nothing. The reason I like Captain Jack is because of his idea of Frames. Frames are so powerful and he definitely will be one of my top PUAs due to this. He is also know for Same Night Lays. Very powerful stuff.

So that is my list of top PUAs. I hope you enjoyed.


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