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Friday, December 7, 2012

Intent of an Approach Interaction

I've really been working on my approaching skills lately and realized something important.


(check my post from May 1st for the meaning of intent)

I have talked a little bit about intent in my previous posts but it was intent regarding your overall purpose. For example, your intent may be to get laid. So you go out with that intent and have that as your driving force while you are approaching women.

But I realized a distinction. If you use just that form of intent, it will be difficult to get from meet to sex. I realized that there must be an 'intent' solely for the approach and the interaction before getting the phone number.

For example, my approach intent could be that I want to have fun and have an interesting conversation while also screening for other things like sexual openness and open-mindedness. This is my approach intent. While my comfort/seduction phase intent is to get laid.

I was seeing it all as one intent however, it is divided up into two stages. Intent of approach and intent of comfort/seduction.

I want to elaborate more on this idea soon. If you have any questions, just drop me a message.



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