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Sunday, December 23, 2012

When to Text or Call?

Whats up?

I just went out and had a really good night last night. What is interesting is that I have been escalating much faster lately and have been getting some good results from it.

What I found is that I just have to have some finesse while doing it and also have fun.

So the main point here is that there is no real time frame of when to text or call a girl. Getting a number, texting, and calling are all just necessary modes of communication that convey your main MESSAGE and INTENT that you are trying to get across. If you think about them as actual things, then you are in the wrong frame of thinking.

Phone, facebook, mail, or whatever. It is all just a means of getting a message to someone else. So if your message requires you sending a text or call to a girl within 5 minutes of getting her number then that is okay. Forget all the "rules" made up by some pua guy. There are no rules or exact times to wait before texting. Just get your message and know what you want.

Talk to you Guys soon,


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