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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Attraction: Masculine and Feminine Energies Playing in Freedom Unbounded

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Most people have a general understanding of masculine and feminine energies along with the theory of masculine/feminine polarity.

However, in order for this to exist properly, there has to be an arena where these energies play. Most people don't know that they are blocking the play of the masculine and feminine with people around them which doesn't allow for attraction to occur. 

What are the blocks?

Anything is a block to the play of feminine and masculine energies. In particular, WANTING can be a block.

Let's go further into this as an example. 

Guy walks up to a girl. Deep in his subconscious he wants a girlfriend, a quick lay, to get approval from her, approval from his friends, to make up for lost time, to see a hot naked girl, to  be loved, to not feel lonely anymore, wants her as his own companion, etc. 

It is great to want things because it gives you goals. However, to set off the interplay between the polar energies that create attraction in the male and female, these wants create a maze that the masculine and feminine will have to navigate in order to begin play. When you look at this from the truth reality of the present moment, the guy has effectively created huge barriers to the creation of attraction. If he goes in with all of his subconscious wants radiating from the surface, in reality, no attraction will happen because his wants are barriers that have blocked all attraction from having a chance at all.

Other blocks: Insecurity, outcome dependence, self consciousness, social pressure, fear, laziness, etc.

You can expand on the other blocks using the previous example to create an example of each. All of these pushes and pulls of the subconscious are fatal to attraction.

So the question comes. How can the feminine and masculine energies be allowed to have free interplay between each other?

It is simple yet a challenge for most people.

The simple aspect is that you just have to keep a clear mind. I call this idea "Blank Slate" and "Blank State".

The challenging aspect is that you may need to reprogram your subconscious to be able to access the "Blank State" and "Blank Slate". If you are heavily weighted with a negatively programmed subconscious you will need to take action until you have freed yourself of it. Things you can do are meditation, reading, writing, affirmation, hypnosis, changing your lifestyle, etc. It's a journey that will eventually lead to freeing your mind.

When you walk up to a woman, you want to have no wants hiddenly imposing themselves on her, no desire to convey extra value to her, and you want to be completely outcome independent. 

You may ask. Then why am I even talking to women in the first place if I have no agenda or reason for it?

Answer: In order to allow freedom of interplay of the polarized feminine and masculine without barriers, you have to go in with a "Blank Slate" and keep your mind in "Blank State". If you do this, the masculine and feminine are allowed to flirt with each other and quickly become attraction. We were born for this to happen. We have to allow the space for it to happen. 

Once attraction happens, then you can bring in wants, desires, etc. with the right timing. Without attraction happening first, you are just dreaming and imposing things on this person that may or may not ever happen. 

Interesting Point on Freedom

One thing that really helped me accept this epiphany that I have written about is the idea of abundance of feminine energy. 

David Deida talks about abundance of feminine energy and how we can absorb and feel that energy from any woman we come in contact with. We do not have to take action on this feminine energy in the form of sex or, basically, ejaculation. Every woman's energy is available for you to feel and enjoy. I combined this with Owen Cook's (Tyler Durden's) idea of having a wet hole to insert yourself into. Also, I like to add that wanting a woman as "yours" is really a skewed view on women. 

Having ownership of a wet hole to penetrate and to make you feel accepted and allowing you to be lazy and not meet other women, is really the way most men view women yet they don't understand it this way.

All women around you give off feminine energy and you can allow your masculine energy to play with their feminine energy as you wish. Acting on the attraction that is created does not have to happen and you don't have to trap and control that person because attraction has been created. 

In all reality, we should be independent human beings intermingling with each other. Never feeling scarcity that we should trap someone and force attraction out of them amidst countless barriers oozing from the subconscious.

We should allow the masculine and feminine to play all the time, unguarded. This is how people really fall into love.

Allow attraction to happen with all feminine energies that you come in contact with. Only take action on them when you really know your energies have a great time playing. Never force it. That is not the natural flow of things. 

The power of understanding the interplay of feminine and masculine energies is freedom.

Much Love,

Blue Haze

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