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Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to Become an Expert

I have become an expert or at least very high-level at different things in my life.

What I have noticed is that I have followed a similar pattern to get there each time.

So let me ask you found my blog for a reason. You are curious to know more about attracting women or just about this topic in general. Many people that read this material on the internet have the intention of becoming the best seducers possible. That is the dream. But how many guys...and girls ever reach that level? Well, by what I've observed with my own eyes is that about 5% of guys that really really try actually become advanced level. There are other top-level people out there that will give you that same percentage or something close.

I bring that number up only to emphasize a point.

What I have experienced with success is that it has always started the same way for me.

Whatever field I have become excellent in has always started off with me either working for nothing, working at the bottom, or just starting from scratch. For example: when I wanted to become a scientist, I remember knocking on the office door of a very well-known scientist. I asked him to let me join his lab and work for him for free. He told me "no" about 2 times. On my 3rd visit to his office, he finally realized that I would keep returning every few days until he told me yes. He accepted me into his lab and I became a dish-washer (meaning I washed the glass ware for the laboratory). Within a few months I became manager of the lab. I did this by working late into the night every single day and on the weekends. Keep in mind, I was not getting paid for this. He did notice the fire I had and the passion I brought to my work.

Eventually, he began paying me, I went on trips to different states, won awards, and pretty much was given the gold ticket to success in that field.

An important point to emphasize is that I stumbled across an individual with great power and he was also very successful at what he did. This accelerated my success very quickly. Becoming an expert for me has usually started with meeting an expert in that same field first and then learning from them at any cost whether it be time or money.

With seduction, I started off learning from a well-known instructor from a legendary company. I obsessed myself with learning everything I could, I did as many approaches as possible with as many wingmen as possible as well. I got to see it from every angle. I have taught, blogged for a top website in the dating field, been trained by multiple experts, and have created my own material. The amount of hours that I have put into this is probably beyond a few thousand. I was willing to do whatever it took to achieve success.

Here is the structure:

1. Meet an expert in the field
2. Become an apprentice to that expert
3. Sacrifice your time from morning to night to work for that individual
4. Learn as much as possible from that individual
5. Meet as many people in that field as you can
6. Spend time on your own learning as much as possible
7. Continue this process for months or, usually, years
8. Eventually become an expert yourself
9. Develop your own style and ideas
10. Teach others and develop them into experts

As I mentioned earlier, about 5%...only 5 out of 100 people that want come into this field actually become good because it is a process. It requires that you be passionate about the journey/process. You have to love the work and the road that takes you. There is actually no destination. It is a continuous journey. It is a fallacy that there is an actual destination.

It is true that it takes blood, sweat, and tears to become excellent at a particular field of expertise. You will have to spend every waking moment thinking about it, obsess your mind with it. I've read Napoleon Hill's, Think and Grow Rich recently and finally realized that I have followed the same process he outlines in his book. I stumbled upon the process on my own. His book, however, validates the ideas I had in my mind. If you want further reading, take a look at his book.

Just to close. I want you to know that you can be good at this. But it's not going to come knocking on your door. You're going to have to knock on it's door until your hand bleeds. Plain and simple. Success is a choice. Choose it and then go for it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Her Fantasies Are Your Gateway to Getting Her: The Eyes Hold The Power

Here is a master tip from the master himself. That is me.

One of the most deadly tools you have in your arsenal is eye-contact. 

The eyes are actually more powerful than almost anything you have. They have their own language
and can transfer energy and ideas to another person instantly.

This advanced technique I discovered is something I'll call, "The Fantasy Machine".

Think of yourself as a device, hub, gateway, machine, or object that can enable a woman to achieve her fantasies.

For example, when you buy an item or see something advertised on TV, sometimes you get drawn in and you really want that item. Not exactly for the item itself, but more for what that item can do for you or how it can make you feel. 

To be more specific, think of something like a smartphone. You like the smartphone because of the way it can make you feel and because it enables you to carry out a lot of your desires like connecting with other people, or surfing the internet. It is just a hunk of plastic. If it isn't turned on, it becomes nothing more than a dead weight. What differentiates smart phones from each other? It is the EXPERIENCE that they give you and how they make you FEEL. 

Just like a hammer is not much when it is just lying on the ground. However it can be used to build your dream home. It enables you to create the dream that is in your mind.

I believe this is the same way women view men. If a bunch of men are all standing in a line not doing much or not moving, they are like the hammer. They are useless until they interact with the woman and awaken her desires and dreams.

Another way I can explain it is if two guys, identical twins are with a woman. However one of them is able to awaken the desires and fantasies of the woman and the other doesn't know how to. She will pick the one that can. Even though they are physically identical.

The technique I have come up with is basically conveying to the woman through your eye contact that you are able to awaken her fantasies. She isn't looking for you to be physically perfect. She just wants her own desires to be satisfied. Look into her eyes and convey that message to her. She will instantly understand and share that secret language with you without a word being said. You are now her way of achieving her fantasies and she will chase you. Because she is chasing her fantasies. Very few men do this. So it makes you a rare catch no matter who you are.

It's very simple. Just think of yourself as an object that can enable her fantasies. You do this while making eye contact. It's very subtle and sends the message. Try it.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Exit the Matrix: Enter Success

Think about this:

The cities, and technology around you has all been created by us. Everything started as a thought. Just like a building starts off as and idea, then to a blueprint, then is built.

It's exactly the same thing with your success with women. Everything starts as a thought then manifests into your reality through your actions.

To be successful with women, you must exit the Matrix. The Matrix is the mental construct that you created through your thoughts. Let me phrase it another way, your beliefs, stereotypes, assumptions, interpretations of your past experiences, and your viewpoint on women is the matrix you have created. It isn't real. It's all just your interpretation of reality. Why can guys with supposedly no physical, mental or financial advantages still get hot women?? They have created their own reality where they WILL succeed.

Mindset is everything. In order to succeed, you have to create the right mindset first. The weird-looking guy with all the hot girls has something that other guys don't have. He is actually at an advantage. Not because of his looks, money, or brains. It is because of his mindset.

Another salient point is that learning technique cannot and will not help you if you are operating in the wrong matrix. If you have created a mental prison for yourself of doubt, low self-confidence, and worry, then no technique will help you. It will be like trying to escape prison with a spoon. You'll only end up worn out and discouraged. 

The encouraging fact is that you can create your reality. You can remove your limiting beliefs, change your attitude, and have a bright outlook. Once you have done that, you have escaped the "Matrix" and you are now in control of your reality rather than being a slave to a reality that others have created for you. Or a mental prison that you have created for yourself. 

The starting point is belief. You have to convince yourself that you deserve what you want. I don't care if you believe you deserve 10 Playboy playmates, as long as you believe it, you have the basic foundation to work off of. You only have one life. Why would you want to spend it as a slave when you can be doing whatever you want?

You have dreams of being a pimp player and getting the hottest girls that you can imagine right? What guy doesn't? 

Set yourself free. It may take a day or years. Start taking steps forward and explore your mind. Read as many books, articles, audiobooks, and talk to as many people as it takes to reconstruct your mindset for success. Every man is the same. The only difference is his mindset. 

It's time to open the door and step through. You belong in the realm of success. Tell yourself that because it is true. All it takes is a decision. Will you join me?