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Monday, October 13, 2014

Exit the Matrix: Enter Success

Think about this:

The cities, and technology around you has all been created by us. Everything started as a thought. Just like a building starts off as and idea, then to a blueprint, then is built.

It's exactly the same thing with your success with women. Everything starts as a thought then manifests into your reality through your actions.

To be successful with women, you must exit the Matrix. The Matrix is the mental construct that you created through your thoughts. Let me phrase it another way, your beliefs, stereotypes, assumptions, interpretations of your past experiences, and your viewpoint on women is the matrix you have created. It isn't real. It's all just your interpretation of reality. Why can guys with supposedly no physical, mental or financial advantages still get hot women?? They have created their own reality where they WILL succeed.

Mindset is everything. In order to succeed, you have to create the right mindset first. The weird-looking guy with all the hot girls has something that other guys don't have. He is actually at an advantage. Not because of his looks, money, or brains. It is because of his mindset.

Another salient point is that learning technique cannot and will not help you if you are operating in the wrong matrix. If you have created a mental prison for yourself of doubt, low self-confidence, and worry, then no technique will help you. It will be like trying to escape prison with a spoon. You'll only end up worn out and discouraged. 

The encouraging fact is that you can create your reality. You can remove your limiting beliefs, change your attitude, and have a bright outlook. Once you have done that, you have escaped the "Matrix" and you are now in control of your reality rather than being a slave to a reality that others have created for you. Or a mental prison that you have created for yourself. 

The starting point is belief. You have to convince yourself that you deserve what you want. I don't care if you believe you deserve 10 Playboy playmates, as long as you believe it, you have the basic foundation to work off of. You only have one life. Why would you want to spend it as a slave when you can be doing whatever you want?

You have dreams of being a pimp player and getting the hottest girls that you can imagine right? What guy doesn't? 

Set yourself free. It may take a day or years. Start taking steps forward and explore your mind. Read as many books, articles, audiobooks, and talk to as many people as it takes to reconstruct your mindset for success. Every man is the same. The only difference is his mindset. 

It's time to open the door and step through. You belong in the realm of success. Tell yourself that because it is true. All it takes is a decision. Will you join me?

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