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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Her Fantasies Are Your Gateway to Getting Her: The Eyes Hold The Power

Here is a master tip from the master himself. That is me.

One of the most deadly tools you have in your arsenal is eye-contact. 

The eyes are actually more powerful than almost anything you have. They have their own language
and can transfer energy and ideas to another person instantly.

This advanced technique I discovered is something I'll call, "The Fantasy Machine".

Think of yourself as a device, hub, gateway, machine, or object that can enable a woman to achieve her fantasies.

For example, when you buy an item or see something advertised on TV, sometimes you get drawn in and you really want that item. Not exactly for the item itself, but more for what that item can do for you or how it can make you feel. 

To be more specific, think of something like a smartphone. You like the smartphone because of the way it can make you feel and because it enables you to carry out a lot of your desires like connecting with other people, or surfing the internet. It is just a hunk of plastic. If it isn't turned on, it becomes nothing more than a dead weight. What differentiates smart phones from each other? It is the EXPERIENCE that they give you and how they make you FEEL. 

Just like a hammer is not much when it is just lying on the ground. However it can be used to build your dream home. It enables you to create the dream that is in your mind.

I believe this is the same way women view men. If a bunch of men are all standing in a line not doing much or not moving, they are like the hammer. They are useless until they interact with the woman and awaken her desires and dreams.

Another way I can explain it is if two guys, identical twins are with a woman. However one of them is able to awaken the desires and fantasies of the woman and the other doesn't know how to. She will pick the one that can. Even though they are physically identical.

The technique I have come up with is basically conveying to the woman through your eye contact that you are able to awaken her fantasies. She isn't looking for you to be physically perfect. She just wants her own desires to be satisfied. Look into her eyes and convey that message to her. She will instantly understand and share that secret language with you without a word being said. You are now her way of achieving her fantasies and she will chase you. Because she is chasing her fantasies. Very few men do this. So it makes you a rare catch no matter who you are.

It's very simple. Just think of yourself as an object that can enable her fantasies. You do this while making eye contact. It's very subtle and sends the message. Try it.

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