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Saturday, November 9, 2013

How to Let Your Guard Down. featured article by Blue Haze

Below is an excerpt from the article. It has a link at the bottom to the full article.

How to Let Your Guard Down

Vulnerability can be a challenging and sometimes scary concept to think about. Jumping in and taking a risk requires being bold and being yourself.
Letting your guard down is vital in dating and relationships.

This is a topic that hits close to home.

I was in a five-year relationship that was very restricting and caused me to become very guarded. After that, I went into a nine-month relationship that was nothing but freedom.
The girl in the second relationship allowed me to hang out with friends and do what I wanted. However, I still had my guard up as an artifact of my previous relationship.
Through this second girl, I learned what it meant to let my guard down.
I have also learned how to let my guard down in general when it comes to meeting women in different situations.
It is a vital key to having long-term potential with a woman and having her respect you over time rather than become resentful of you if things don’t work out.
Here are some practical tips on helping you let your guard down: continue reading...

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