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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What is "Intent" and why it is essential

Intent is your clear honest drive that is within your heart. It is the reason you do what you do. For example, when you approach a girl, you have an "intent". That intent could be that you just want to meet her, fuck her, have her as your girlfriend, or anything else.

This is where men have problems. Many are unable to properly display their intent through their actions and body language. Most men actually mask their intent by trying to be "friendly" or pleasing to the woman instead of doing what they intended to do before they approached.

How do you get in touch with your inner intent and bring it forward into your interactions? This is somewhat abstract. You just have to keep in mind what YOU WANT. In my case, I want to seduce women rather than find an LTR. So this involves isolation, escalation, and sex. I am clear with my motives and am congruent with what I want. Therefore, when I approach a woman, I will convey all of these things to her without apology. I will look directly in her eyes and channel all of my energy of my intent towards her. I will not try to please her or be her friend at all. I have my motives set solid and will shoot them forward like a concentrated laser beam.
Also, importantly, I have no desire to keep the woman there and no fear of loss. I am coming from the abundance mentality. I am the seducer and I have the desire for that, whether it happens or not is not my concern.

I'll continue this concept a little bit later. Thanks for reading.

Blue Haze

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  1. reading you alivieates my passion-outburst for knowledge