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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Relationship Game

So you've approached and got a number. Then you went on a few dates. Now you are in some type of relationship with the girl....It's not over yet?

Yep. You still have to be on point even when you guys are exclusive. Otherwise, the girl could disappear or toss you around like a bean bag.

What are some things I do while in relationships?

1. Bait to invest
2. Sexual humor
3. Sex
4. Appear to not be too emotionally invested
5. Freeze-out
6. Touching
7. Having a life apart from her
8. And there is more...

It's pretty interesting that many people in the community concentrate so much on approaching. There is so much more beyond that. I believe that, in order to be healthy, you have to be able to court a woman properly and maintain that for long periods of time without losing her. It's a pretty heavy test on the mind because being in a relationship can be mentally and emotionally rough. This is just a brief outline. I would like to discuss more if you guys have any comments.



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  2. im curius to know what is freeze out will look foward on it salute