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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The two paths for online dating

I have had good success with online dating sites. So far I have discovered two distinct paths you can take when interacting with women online.

1. Relationship path
2. Seduction path

I have found my method of getting on the relationship path is by quickly getting rapport with the girl then asking for a number. After that, get a few dates and f-close her within the 3rd/4th date.

The seduction path requires different tools to achieve what you want. This is where you sexually arouse the girl fast and try to get sex as soon as possible. I achieve this by using sexual humor, sexual innuendo and sexual framing. What happens is that the girl gets turned on fast and it results in sex the same day or a girl that is primed for sex soon.

If you have any questions as to a more detailed explanation, just comment below!

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