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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

So I have just come out of a relationship and went on a pickup binge. I got more than 20 phone numbers and did tons of hours in field. I also started feeling mixed emotions which consisted of hopelessness and determination all wrapped up together.

What I learned is that failure teaches you what works. If you are lucky, you will learn what works at the beginning. But usually, you learn all the things that don't work first then suddenly, a light bulb goes off and you realize what you should be doing.

Yes, I am pretty ragged right now but I have had so many numbers flake recently that I finally hit the stupid lightbulb that showed me that, "DUH", I need to stop putting band aids on bad approaches and expect girls to text me back or answer my calls after a shallow pickup.

Also, trying to text game or phone game a girl that you didn't connect with on the initial approach is pretty damn hard. If you have a great approach and interaction then you have some wiggle room to fall down from and make mistakes in your texting and phone calls.

I also realized that I always blame myself and think that there is something wrong with me when a girl doesn't answer. I couldn't be further from the truth. Women only respond to someone that they really connected with  in a way that in beneficial to them or interests them somehow.

Anyway, rambling is over. Talk to you guys soon,


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