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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plateaus, Luck, and Probablity

So you might be wondering what these three things have in common.

Well, they all fit together during times of what I call, "the desert". The desert is a time when you might feel like giving up when results just aren't coming in. I've felt like this at various times during my journey to become better with women.

So let's start off with plateaus.

Plateaus are times in your development when you feel like your progress is at a halt or has significantly slown down. In my own experience, plateaus are short for me because I will absorb information from others and from written material very fast then figure out a way to make my progress jump again.

On the other hand, I have met some people that will stay at a plateau for weeks or even months. They will hit their plateau and then just give up, become a keyboard jockey, or continue the same behaviors and expect for their results to change.

One of the main things I have seen people do is repeat the same actions and expect new results. In order to get better results you have to calibrate what you are doing and modify it to be more effective. This take trial and error, watching others, and studying at home.

So what about Luck?

This is something I have experienced many times while learning game. There have been many times when I have met a wingman that has taught me something so important. And it has happened by luck. There have been times when I felt like giving up and I met someone that taught me something new that catalyzed me to new heights after being in a deep pit. For example, I was thinking about leaving the community altogether recently until I met a wingman that showed me some daygame techniques. That catalyzed me to do a 7 day approach challenge with myself and I learned how to effectively approach women during the daytime.

You never know when you will be propelled forward by someone or learn something from reading that will increase your results dramatically. The main thing is to just keep looking and meeting people. From time to time, you will get these rare gems of knowledge. However, if you only half-ass your time in the community, you may never get to these lucky rare gems.

Lastly is probability

Increasing or decreasing your probability is a factor in your success in pickup. Sitting at your computer all day or sticking to one group of pickup guys will most-likely decrease your probability of success in becoming better with women.

You can increase your probability of success by:

1. Meeting lots of wingmen
2. Approaching a lot
3. Trying many types of game
4. Reading from different sources
5. Having more interaction with women

There are many more ways to increase your probability of success. But, if you just spend your time doing one thing, for example, just reading material all the time or just doing one type of pickup, then your probability for success will dramatically go down.

Let's bring these three things we discussed together...

Throughout your journey, you will be faced with plateaus. In order to overcome these plateaus, you must raise your probability of success by doing actions. Overall, on your journey, if you overcome plateaus and increase probability, you will eventually uncover hidden gems by luck (unpredictable when you will find these) that will propel you forward by a big margin.

The main thing is to be efficient and hard working along with being consistent and very determined. If you do this all the time (months or even years), you will become great with women. It is a very unpredictable course in the short run, but realize that in the long run it all leads to success to those that or organized and work hard.

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