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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Never Become Submissive in a Relationship

I was thinking about this for awhile. As a man, you should always keep your own identity strong and be masculine.

Many times, in relationships and interactions with women, men become submissive and weak over time. They start to feel scarcity and feel that it is okay to allow the woman to overcome them.

However, submissiveness is an inherently feminine trait. Women like to be lead by the man. Once you allow the woman to lead you and dominate you, you have become the feminine energy. Women do not respect this  type of energy as a sexual or male counterpart. They respect they feminine energy as a friend or from other women.

Naturally, women are programmed to test you and pull you down from your masculine self into a feminine self. They do it because it allows them to weed out the weak men. It also allows them to test you and see if you will give up your dominance and masculinity. Once you do that, they lose attraction for you. Women are attracted to the masculine just like men are attracted to feminine. Think about it, if you are around a burly masculine woman, your attraction level for her will probably be very low or nothing at all. Same for women.

So the main idea is that you have to maintain your masculinity (balls) all the time. No matter if you are in a committed relationship. You are the man and have to fill that role always.

A great article by David DeAngelo talks about the same subject just from a different angle:

Take a look and I hope this helps you.

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