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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Falling into her Categories

An interesting idea. I was thinking about stereotypes, social conditioning, and screening. Women have all of these. When they first meet you, their mind is already filled with previous experiences of other men coming up and doing the same thing. Therefore, they already assume that you fall into the same category that 100's of other men that approached them have.

Or, let's say for example that a certain woman has had bad experiences with a certain race of men. If you are that race, then she might automatically disqualify you. This is an extreme example that probably doesn't happen much. The idea I'm getting across is that if you behave or fall into a category of men that she has generally had undesirable experiences with, she is putting up a wall right when you approach. It's a default wall that blocks out certain types of men. Or you filter yourself into a certain category in her mind.

Here's the applicable example. Let's say a woman has been approached by 500 needy guys out of the 1000 that have approached her in her life. Those 500 needy guys have generated a negative experience for her. So if you display the same or similar behaviors of those needy guys, you automatically raise her wall that she uses to block out the "needy" guys.

So right at the approach, you don't want any walls to come up. You do this by not having the behaviors of a needy guy. That means you come into the set with good posture, eye contact, you disqualify yourself as a potential suitor, you kino her confidently, you give off the right vibe, you clearly display your intention, etc.

The interesting point I want to get to is disqualifying yourself from the category you don't want to fall into. There are a ton of ways to do this and you can come up with your own. Let's say you want to disqualify yourself from the "needy" category. You can use a false time constraint. You could also show your intent to a girl then walk away and flirt from a distance. Basically, you are showing her that you don't fit into that category and that she can feel safe around you rather than putting up the wall that she uses to block all the needy guys.

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