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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Your Focus and It's Outcome

Think about this...

When you go into an interaction with a girl, you have a focus.

Many times, your focus with be subconscious and will give you an outcome without you knowing it.

That means you may go into an interaction with a girl subconsciously want to be "liked". What will then happen is that your focus will dictate your outcome. You will do whatever is needed for the girl to "like" you and that will be your outcome. For example, you may focus on being nice and making sure that there is no tension so that the girl will like you. There is your outcome...which is her "liking" you and you not fucking her.

Consciously, you focus may be to get laid. However, in the interaction where you are trying to achieve your subconsious focus, it will indirectly sabotage what your conscious focus is.

Therefore, you need to be focused and aware of what your focus is during your approach. Make sure that your actions match what you really want to get out of the interaction. For example, I want sex. So I will touch, verbally escalate, and isolate a girl to get what I want. That is my focus and that gives me my goal.

Make sure that your focus is proper when you are interacting with a girl. Remember that your focus gives you your outcome.


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