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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interesting Routine and Observations

I see myself as stronger in escalation than at approaching so some interesting things have happened due to that.

Something that emerged as a routine for me has been escalating on girls that are either in a two-set or alone. I let that goes as far as they let it go or I will give them a false time restraint just to let them know I could leave at any moment.

Then I ask some comfort questions like what do you like to do or where are you from. I'll stay in set and try to get more comfort whether the girl tries to make me leave or not. If she does try to make me leave, I won't take that as rejection since it could be due to all kinds of other factors. I number close and throw in some teases at that point. Then I do some future projection letting them know I am not just a player and am interested in meeting with them in the future.

Something else I think is interesting is if I meet a girl but don't do much physical escalation and then number close (but I will do verbal escalation.) The girl might call me that same night around closing time of the club. But if I miss that call from them then try to call back they don't answer. I have had this happen multiple times and am not sure what the girl is thinking when she calls me and why she wont respond if I try to call after missing the call. I'm guessing they want a one night stand then when I don't answer, they talk themselves out of it.

Something to think about...


After talking to Steve "El Topo" Mayeda. He gave me the answer to my second situation. When the girl calls me at the end of the night she is horny. But when I miss the call, she feels shameful and her pussy gets dry. Once a girl's pussy gets dry, it's game over.

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