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Saturday, January 12, 2013

PUA Material is Misinterpreted

I was taking a look at the Mystery Method Handbook again today and the thought kept coming to my head...this is advanced material or at least intermediate. I remember the first time I attempted to read the book without any infield experience.

I came to the conclusion that beginners misinterpret PUA material because it is not written only for beginners. The Mystery Method is written with a mixture of beginner, intermediate, and advanced theories and concepts. 

Actually, for beginners to read this material can be very damaging to them because they read it and then make their own interpretation of the material which is usually the literal interpretation. A real interpretation has to be done after a lot of experience. 

A great example of what I am saying is the PUA community itself. Mystery's techniques have been taken for their literal written interpretation and a perversion of his ideas have become the standard practice for many guys. You can see that so many guys that do pickup become more fucked up or never understand what they are actually doing. They just imitate exactly what the technique is without understand of the core principal of where it originates.

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