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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Good Rule of Thumb when Stating Intent

This is something that I find pretty interesting and I used to try to hide my intent or my desire from a girl because what I had read from the community says you need to mask your intent so that you can retain your value in the girl's eyes.

What I believe is misinterpreted a lot is that hiding your intent initially is only a tactic used at the initial approach to open a set so that you can reach the social hook point. Actually, stating your intent and showing your intent is vital to keeping a girl. If you don't show intent, you will lose the girl.

However, I use my own rule of thumb when showing intent. Many guys have trouble with the idea of stating intent (Intent in the verbal form). Showing intent is tricky at first because it can be scary to think of yourself telling a girl that you like her and her rejecting you. However, if you do it correctly, it usually won't happen.

My rule of thumb is that I use statements of intent only for the purpose of turning on the switch in a girls minds so that she knows that I am interested in her.

On the other hand many guys state intent for their own purpose of venting their emotions of how they feel about the girl. This is something a child does to his mother. He will say mommy I love you. The child will repeat it a lot also. Children are inherently needy. You don't want to come across like this. When I state intent, it is not to vent my emotions of how I feel. I state intent because I want to comfort the girl and for her to know that she can move forward with me and that I am interested.

Bottom line is that statement of intent is a tool that lets down certain protection walls a girl has. Women are similar to men in some ways when it comes to getting nervous or unsure about a person they have just met. A lot of guys will sit around waiting for a girl to call or will wonder whether she likes him or not. Girls do the same thing. They get anxiety and will, most times, eject from the situation if they don't think you like them so that they can save face or feel better about themselves.

So main idea is that I state intent to show interest, intention, assertiveness, leadership, and masculinity. I have a good deal of calibration with stating intent and will even state intent right off the bat or I will tell a girl she is beautiful. However, if you are not calibrated yet, use the rule of thumb that I have. It helps a lot.

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